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A decorated Christmas tree

A Christmas decoration is any kind o decoration used durin Christmastime. Dese decorations are an important part o da Christmas hawliday. Da traditional kellers o Christmas are green, white, an red. Blue an white are offen used ta represent winner. Dey can be used ta represent Hanukkah too, which is abaht da same time. Well known hawliday symbols include Baby Jesus, Sanna Claus, an da Star o Bethlehem. A lot o places have diffrent decorations dependin on deir traditions an wah resources dey got.

Da day fer puttin up Christmas decorations differs betwinkst places. In a lot o countries, such as Sweden, people start puttin up deir decorations on da first day o Advent. In da United Kingdom, decorations are usually put up in late November er early December, arahnd da start o Advent. In da United States, da traditional start o da Christmas season is Thanksgivin. In da Western Christian World, da two traditional days fer takin dahn Christmas decorations are da Twelf Night an Candlemas. If dey ain't taken dahn on da Twelf Night, dey should be left up till Candlemas.


Da tradition o decoratin trees is said ta be rilly old. Fer da Celts, trees were da symbol o life. Da Celts decorated dem fer da Winner Solstice. Scandinavians decorated dem fer Yule, which was held arahnd da same time as Christmas. Da Christmas tree was first used by German Lutherans in da 16th century, wit records showin dat a Christmas tree was put in da Cathedral o Strasbourg in 1539, under da direction o da Protestant Reformer, Martin Bucer.