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The Wearside Dialect, mair offens knawn as Mackem i Sunderland, is the soothrenmyest dialect o the Northumbrian language. Alang wi the Tyneside dialect, it is yen o the twe kinds ov urban Northumbrian at is kenned as Pitmatic forby. It is spoken i Sunderland i Tyne an Wear an i northren an central pairts o Coonty Durham an aa.

I the city o Sunderland is the dialect is knawn as Mackem though i minin toons o Durham an Wearside it is mair ofens caad "Pitmatic", hooanivor, the Durham-Wearside Pitmatic is mair sib wi Mackem an differs frae the Dialect o Soothren Northumberland at is kenned bi the syem nyem.

Exemple texts

  • Aw teird the fitter the keels wad be aalreet; but like aal clivor fuils, he knaws far better nor onybody else. Sendin a man up te steith iv a day like this, wiv a chance te parish like a thowl afore he gets hyem agyen; an aal for nowt, or else aw wadn’t care! Ef he had what he disarves, he wad spend his Christmas i the kitty, or else i the pun-fawd.
  • “Noo, petals,” sed awd Mrs Rabbit yan morn, “ye may gan te the fields or alang the lonnen, but ye're nivor te gan stravagin in the Hind's garth: thee fethor got his lames thor aareet, for the Hind's wifie ceuked him in a pot pie. See haway wi ye, an dinnet get wrang. Aw’m off on me errands, me.”

Laird's prayer

Wor fathor that is iv hivvin,
Holy is thaw nyem.
Thaw kingdom come,
Thaw will be duin on orth,
The syam as it’s iv hivvin.
Give us the day oor daily breed,
An forgive us oor sins,
As we forgive the wrangs
Others de agyen us.
Dinnet let us be tempted,
An free us frae evil.

Dialect wards

Tyneside Wearside
divvent dinnet, divvent
tyek tak
myek mak
(h)yem (h)yem,
wor oor, wor
wu us