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This airticle wis myed biv a body that's native lenguiche isna Northumbrian. Gif ye can, help correct ony mistyeks.

Northumbrian is a lenguiche frae thi north east o Northumbrie. Foaks taaks it i Northummerlan, Tyne an Wear an Durham. Thor's five dialects o Northumbrian:


Stent o Northumbrie, c. 700 AD

Historians for lenguiches ken fower dialects o Aad Inglish: Northumbrian, Mercia, Kent, an West Saxon.[1][2] Aad Northumbrian (Aad Inglish: Norðanhymbrisċ) wis spocken i thi Kingdom o Northumbrie (frae thi Humber on thi east coast o Northren Inglan ti thi Firth o Forth i thi Scots Laalans). Thi modren Scots, Northumbrian, Cumbrian, an North Yorkshire tungs aał cam frev it.

Writin i thi 19th century, Inglish phonetian Alexender John Ellis ken'd Northumbrian as separate frae byeth Scots an ither Northren Inglish lenguiche varieties, sic as Cumbrian. Iv Ellis' wark Northumbrian is knaan bi thi nyem "North Northren". Yen featur o Northumbrian at differs frae thi tungs ti thi sooth an west ont is thi lack o thi reduced definite airticle at's fund thi Cumbrian an Yorkshire tungs. Anither kenspeckle featur is thi Northumbrian burr, thi traditional articulation o /r/ as [ʁ(ʷ)], but nooadays this featur is fund aanly amang aader residents o rural Northummerlan.

Northumbrian thi day[edit]

Northumbrian is aiblins thi myest kenspeckle regional tung iv Inglan thi day. Thi Tyneside or Geordie dialect is the myest weel-ken'd form o Northumbrian. Acas o this thi foak, dialects an accents o nearby Wearside (ken'd bi thi nyem 'Mackem') an Teesside (knaan as 'Smoggie') an ither pairts o thi North East is offins mistyen for Geordie bi foaks whee's nut frae sic airts.

Thi Northumbrian tung is ken'd as a separate Anglic lenguiche variety ti Modren Standard Inglish bi thi Society for thi Northumbrian Lenguiche acas thi tung wis kythed lang afore Standard Inglish. Thi society kens fower myen dialects o Northumbrian: Geordie (Tyneside), Pitmatic or Soothren, Northren (frae the North o the River Coquet, throu Alnwick an up ti Berrick); an westren (frae Allendale throu Hexham an up ti Kielder). Thor's a canny argie for includin thi dialects o Sunnerlan an Durham an aał. Alexander John Ellis an thi Northumbrian Wards Project byeth recognises thi dialects o thi laaer Wear as Northumbrian dialects. Aałtho them dialects hes sum o thor aan unique wards an featurs, they ar oweraał siccanlike tiv ither Northumbrian dialects.


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