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This airticle wis myed biv a body that's native lenguiche isna Northumbrian. Gif ye can, help correct ony mistyeks.

Northumberland or Northumberlan (Inglish: Northumberland) is a coonty i North East England. It borders wi Cumbria te the west, Coonty Durham an Tyne an Wear te the sooth, an the Scotch Mairches te the north. The coonty toon is Alnwick. Syne 1981, the coonty council hes been located i Morpeth, situated i the east o the coonty.

Flag of Northumberland.svg

As pairt o the Kingdom o Northumbria anunner King Edwin, the region's historical bundaries stretched frae the Humber i the sooth te the Forth i the north. The historic boondaries o the coonty covers a muckler area nor the ceremonial coonty, an includes Newcastle upon Tyne, the traditional coonty toon; an Tynemouth an alang wiv uther settlements i North Tyneside forby, hooaniver, byeth o these areas hes been administered bi Tyne an Wear sin 1974 anunner the Local Government Act o 1972. The historic bundaries o the coonty is whiles thowt tiv exclude Islandshire, Bedlingtonshire an Norhamshire (collectively North Durham), exclyevs o Coonty Durham at wes reincorporated inte Northumberland proper i 1844.

Becaws it forms the myest feck o the border atween Ingland an Scotland, Northumberland hes been the site o mony battles. The coonty is noted for its undeveloped landscyep o hee muirland, a is favourite wi landscyep painters, an noo lairgely protected as a National Park. Northumberland is the myest spairsely populated coonty iv England, wi nobbut 62 folk per square kilometre.

Northumberland's coonty flooer is the Bloody Cranesbill (Geranium sanguineum) an hor affiliated Royal Navy ship is hor nyemsyek, HMS Northumberland.