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The Northren Northumbrian dialect is northrenmyest dialect o Northumbrian. It is spocken frae north o thi river Coquet ti thi Scottish border. It hes mair featurs i common wi Scots that isna fund iv ither dialecks o Northumbrian. It is spocken i toons sic as Bamburgh, Ooler, an Berrick.


  • A'm for A's, siccanlike ti Scots.
  • Nee T-V disction. Pronoon ye used for 2nd person iv aa cases.
  • Aader forms hame, stane, an bane still iv use for hyem, styen, an byen.

Dialeck wardsEdit

Tyneside Northren
gan gae
haad haud
kirk (aader)
oxter oaxter
yetts aits
byen bane
fut fit