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I this context Northumbria is tyen te mean Northumberland, the northrenmyest coonty on England, an Coonty Durham. Accordin te 'World Music: The region is weel-knawn for itsballad ballad tradition, the Northumbrian smaapipes (a mack o bagpipe that is unique te the twe coonties) an a strang fiddle tradition 'at wes aariddy weel-established bi the 1690s. Northumbrian music hes tyen a sartain amoont ov influence frae music frev other airts, abuin aa frae the sooth o Scotland, other pairts o Northren England, an frev Irish immigrants an aa.

Local musical forms an styles

Northumbria shares wi the Scottish mairches a lang history o border ballads, sic as 'The Ballad o Chevy Chase'.[1] It hes its awn macks o foak dances forby, sic as the rapper dancin an the Durham an Northumberland style o clog dancing.[2] Northumbrian dance music is varra different iv its style te the music 'at is fund iv other parits ov England. It is mair siccan-like tiv Irish an Scottish dance music an dances frae the twe coonties hes the kenspeckle rant step.[3]

Mony tunes is fund iv other regions ov England or other nations an aa, hooivver thor is offins a difference atween a Northumbrian vorsion ov a sang an variants on't frev other airts. The Irish tune, 'The Chorus Jig', 'at hes three strains, is fund i the Northumbrian tradition as 'Holey Haapenny', an ornate five-strain variation set. A Scottish strathspey, 'Struan Robertson's Rant' appears, withoot the Scotch snap, as a smaapipe tune caa'd 'Cuckold cum oot o the Amrey', a lang variation set. Thor twe examples shows hoo we cannet give a sartain regional origin tiv an aud sang; ilk can be played wiv a primitive instrument, an may hae been played for as lang afore the forst publication, as they hae been sin-syne. Assumptions o regional origins can gan agyen the study o music unnertyen biv enthusiastic musicians ('at may folla thor awn allegiances) hooivver regional vorsions an styles (sic as Northumbrian) is nobbut a different matter aategither, acause they hae reliable established sources.

Tunes i hornpipe rhythm is weel appreciated i the region, byeth for playin an for dancin, particularly clog dancin. Yen rhythm 'at is popular i the region is the rant, used for figur dances sic as The Morpeth Rant wiv a characteristic step; musically it is sic-like tiv a reel, though a bittie slawer, an wi mair ov a lilt tid.

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