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James Hogg wearin a maad.

A maad is a garment siccan like tiv a blanket woven iv a pattren o smaa black an white checks. It wis a common kynd o riggin i thi soothren coonties o Scotlan an northren coonties o Inglan til thi arly twentit century. Thi day, thi maad is nee langer worn bi common foaks but Northumbrian pipers dee still wear it.


Thi maad wis ken'd bi mony nyems i different pairts o soothren Scotlan an Northumbrie. It wis knaan as a 'maud' or 'mawd' i soothren Scotlan an northren Inglan but 'maad' i pairts o Scotlan an Northummerlan an aa, 'mad' i Lancashire an 'maund' i West Yorkshire. Iv its lang form it wis caa'd a 'shepherd's maad', i Northummerlan, a 'herd's maad', an i pairts o sooth-west Scotlan, a Moffat maud.