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Thi concept o lenguiche can be explained i mony ways, for exemple:

  • a way o communicatin aboot things, acts an ideas
  • a set o meanins common ti sindry foaks
  • a type o thowt
  • symbols impleein actions or inactions

But thi foremyest meanin o lenguiche is human lenguiche.

Sum foaks argies that animals hes lenguiches or can be larnt lenguiches; ithers divvent agree wi this, an ses that "animal lenguiches" isna complicated or meaninfuł eneugh ti be caałed "lenguiches", or that the divvent he thi grammar needeet ti be thowt on as lenguiches; this o coorse lippens on thi definition lenguiche a body is warkin win.

Mathematics an computer science uses lenguiches caałed formal lenguiches (like computer programmin lenguiches). Mathematics hitsel is considered a lenguiche bi mony theorists.