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This airticle wis myed biv a body that's native lenguiche isna Northumbrian. Gif ye can, help correct ony mistyeks.

Inglan (Inglish: England, Cornish: Pow Sows) is yen o thi fower countries at myeks up thi Uniteet Kingdom. It shares mairches wi Wales ti thi west an Scotlan ti thi north. It is thi mucklest country o thi Uniteet Kingdom bi byeth lan an foaks. Thi capital city o Inglan is Lunnon. Ithor muckle cities iv Inglan is Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcassel, Liverpool, an Bristol.

Thi lan noo ken'd as Inglan wis forst inhabited bi modren humans i thi Upper Paleolithic period, but thi country tyeks its nyem frae thi Angles, a Jormanic tribe at tyeks thor nyem frae thi Anglia peninsula, whee settled Britain i thi 5t and 6t centuries. The etymology o thi tribal nyem itsel is argied ower bi scholars; it hes been jaloused that it cums frae thi shyep o thi Angeln haaf-iland, an angular shyep.

Thi Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms wan thegithor as a unifee'd state i thi 10t century for ti defend thorsels agyen thi Viking invasion. Syne thi Age o Discovery, that began i thi 15t century, Inglan hes gar'd a significant cultural an legal impact on thi hyell warld. Thi Inglish tung, thi Anglican Kirk, an Inglish laa – thi basis for thi common laa legal systems o mony ithor countries aroond thi warld – wis aa developed iv Inglan, an thi country's parliamentary system o govrenment hes been widely adopted biv ithor nations. Thi Industrial Revolution began i 18t-century Inglan, transformin its society inti thi warld's forst industrialised nation.

Inglan hes nee official tung, but thi Inglish tung, at tyeks its nyem frae Inglan, is spokken aa ower thi country an i mony ithor countries aroond thi warld an aa. Regional tungs include Cornish (Kernewek), a Brythonic Celtic tung, as weel as Northumbrian an Cumbrian, twee Anglic tungs at's sib wi Scots an spocken i thi far north o thi country.