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Domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris or Canis familiaris) is myestly furry, carnivorous, canid carnivoran mammals at evolv'd frae the wolf. Dogs wis the forst domesticated animals an hes been kept bi foaks frev aa ower the world as a warkin, huntin, an pet companion. It is estimated thor's atween 700 million an yen billion domestic dogs, that myeks them the myest abundant member o the order Carnivora. I Northumbrian the dog is ken'd biv uther nyems sic as joogle an hoond forby.

A lang association wiv humans hes gar'd dogs tiv attune te human behaviour an hes alloo'd them te thrive on stairch-rich diets at wadn't be adequate for uther species o canid. New research hes fund mutations te pairts thor hairns at wad cause hee sociability an sumwhat reduc'd intelligence i humans. Sindry breeds o dogs is varry different i shyep, colour an size. Dogs dis a vast o usefu things for foaks, sic as huntin, roondin sheep, pullin lyeds, protection, assistin pollis an the military, companionship, an mair recently, helpin handicapped individuals an sic like therapeutic roles. Thor muckle influence ower human society hes gien them the sobriquet "man's best marra".