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Coonty Durham /ˈdʌrəm/ is a ceremonial coonty an smaaer unitary district i North East Ingland or Northumbrie. The coonty toon is Durham. The mucklest toon i thi ceremonial coonty (iv its aan unitary Borough) is the toon o Darlington. The coonty hes a mixtur o minin an farmin heritage, as weel as hivvy railway industry, particularly i thi sooth o the coonty aroond Darlington, Shildon an Stockton. Thi economy ont wis historically based aroond coal an iron minin. Iron minin teuk plyess i Weardale an Teesdale i thi west o thi coonty, whiles coal minin teuk plyess aroond thi Wear an Derwent i thi north an middle o thi coonty.

Historically, thi coonty includes Sunnerlan, Sooth Shields, an Gyetsid an aa.

Thi Northumbrian tung is spokken i Coonty Durham, myestly i the north o thi coonty i thi aad coal minin pairts, foaks i thi sooth ont taaks mair Inglish.

Thi day thi coonty is unnergannin regenaration an is bein promoted as a tourist destination.