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    Drawin comparin a normal hairn (left) an the hairn ov a body wiv Alzheimer's (reet)

    Alzheimer's ill is the myest common mack o mindloss. Thor’s ne way te croot oot frae the ill, 'at warsens as it gans on, an gars aa 'at tholes it deed. It wes forst kythed bi the German psychiatrist an neuropathologist Alois Alzheimer 'at gav his nyem tid forby

    Myest offins, AI is fund i foaks 'at's ower 65, hooivvor, the rarer arly onset kind on Alzheimer's can happen suiner. I 2006, thor wes 26.6 knawn foaks tholin wi AI aa ower the yird. Alzheimer's is predicted tiv affect 1 oot o 85 foaks i the yird bi 2050.

    Drinkin coffee an larnin yersel ootlandish languages is byeth thowt te slaw doon the onset on't.