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Confederate States of America
Flag of the Confederate States of America (1865).svg Seal of the Confederate States of America.svg
Confederate States of America (orthographic projection).svg
Capital cite: Montgomery, Alabama (before Māy I, MDCCCLXI)

Richmond, Virginia (before April III, MDCCCLXV)

Langage: Newe English (de facto)

minor langages : French (Louisiana), Spanish (Arizona), Indigenous langages (Indian territory)

Superfice: MCMXCVCCCXCII km^2
Peple: 9,103,332

Ϸe Confederate States of America be mayde inn MDCCCLXI. It were maken to conserven serviture, in obstaunce to þe United States, also dubbed "Þe Union". It was misfallen by þe United States, und rejoinen þem in MDCCCLXV, when þey lost þe war.