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West Florida
Colonie of Weſt Florida

(Newe Engliſch)

Flag of Great Britain (1707–1800).svg
West Florida Map 1767.svg
Capital cite: Pensacola
Langage: Newe Englissh
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Brittiſſhe Weſt Florida was a territorie þat Great Bruteyne þe kynedom ogh and peplede al so a colonie after MDCCLXIII (1763) and bifōre MDCCLXXXIII (1783). In MDCCLXXXIII, Great Bruteine ʒaf Weſt Floryda to Spayne for reaſoun of þe Pē̆ſe of Paris. Weſt Florida ys nou a deal of þe Vnited States of Amerike, over hiſe ſtates Louiſiana, and Miſſiſſippi, and Alabama, and Florida.