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3 January 2022

  • curprev 13:2713:27, 3 January 2022BanningBotru-chi talk contribs 4,396 bytes +4,396 Created page with "{{Wp/dlm/Infobox Country |native_name = ''Dalmacija'' |local_name = ''Dalmacija'' |conventional_long_name = Dalmatia |common_name = Dalmatia |image_flag = Flag of Dalmatia.svg |image_coat = Blason_Dalmatie.svg |image_map = Croatia-Dalmatia.png |map_caption = Dalmatia highlighted on a map of [[|Croatia]]. The [[|Kotor Bay]] area ([[|Montenegro]]) is not included on the map. |national_anthem = |official_languages = [[|Croatian language|Croatian]] |capital = |largest_city..."