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The people who have idea about South Asian Scripts, have faced certain problems in data entry or have certain ideas which can help in data entry can express their ideas here.


Instant translator[edit]


  • Enabling an instant translator like this (please make sure not to type in green box to avoid auto-conversion) in the respective wikipedia so that whenever someone types "ka" in a wikipedia enabled in Devnagari, the text dispalyed is "क". The two separate boxes created in the page may not be necessary and the instant translation shown in the right hand box of above page can be displayed directly.
  • This feature, once enabled, should be accompanied with the creation of a "Latin" button in the Editing bar (the one with Bold, Italic and all those buttons) which when pressed, gets switched on so that the text then displayed is Latin. This button is important for insertion of commands as well as phrases and words in Latin scripted languages.
  • For the languages with use of more than one fonts, two search boxes, one in Indic script and the other in Latin or respective script can be put up.


  • Very easy to learn and use
  • No need of installing or running setup
  • One can use from almost any computer with unicode enabled.

Proposed by:Eukesh


  • Regarding the wikipediae that use more than one writing system, in order not to write an article again for every script and also to permit navigation only through one script, there should be implemented this instant translator for all the database, so that all the articles and the interface should be available in all the fonts. There is a choice between multiplicating the database for every script (and keeping it up-to-date by translating every edit occured in a script to the others) or having only a database in a script choosed as convenient and then instantly translating when navigating with the help of another script. There should be a button to switch between scripts, besides the button from the edit bar. In fact, in the latter case, there should be a button for every script, for the parts of the text wanted to remain untranslated. Desiphral 17:46, 25 November 2006 (UTC)

Inkey designs[edit]