Languagefun/In a village

    From Incubator Plus 2.0

    The Fun family go to a village today. There live Sam’s and Betty’s grandparents. The children pack into the car with their parents and drive to the village.

    Grandma and grandpa are waiting for them in front of their house. The house is old, and they are old, too. Their hair is grey. They smile as they see Peter, Mary, Betty and Sam coming. Grand-mother kisses Sam and Betty.

    It is a nice sunny day outside, and all animals are out in the farmyard. Three white ducks are crossing the farmyard. They are saying, quack, quack. There is a cow in the farmyard, too. It is brown and white. The cow says, moo. There is a pig, too. There are other birds in the farmyard. Trouble chases birds and ducks. The ducks run and the birds fly away.

    Sam and Betty like the animals. They can play with ducks and Trouble, but they are too afraid of the cow and pigs to play with them.

    Sam and Betty are tired and hungry now. The grandmother calls them for lunch. They eat fish and then they say goodbye to their grandparents because they must drive back home. Grandmother and grandfather smile to them again.